Should there be a limit to Media freedom or freedom of press…?

Should there be a limit to Media freedom or freedom of press…?

There are legal limits, for instance, to what proportion protection a reporter can provide a confidential source. Absolute freedom of speech can harm people’s sentiments and emotions very easily. Absolute freedom of speech could encourage acts of social harassing, cyber bullying etc. These days the web has become a serious source for people to easily post false information about any person or event which successively leads to the formation of the incorrect mindset of all those that regularly follow social media websites like twitter and Facebook. In recent reports, it had been posted that vaccination causing autism in humans clothed to be a hoax. People are taking the wrong advantage of the posh of expressing with a touch restriction, such practices might be controlled if not completely eradicated. Freedom of speech is usually misunderstood with the liberty to mention anything to anybody. Humiliating comments and abusing anybody could lead on to psychological setbacks and mental distress. This also results in suicidal thoughts because the person is unable to cope up with constant nagging and negativity of the opposite person. Freedom of the press is important because it plays an important role in informing citizens about public affairs and monitoring the actions of state in the least levels. Freedom of expression covers freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and provides individuals and communities the proper to articulate their opinions without worrying of retaliation, censorship or punishment. It is a fundamental right which allows for citizens to talk freely and without interference. The media is extremely influential. it’s not appropriate for a couple of status corporate media managers to possess such a lot influence over the audiences that they serve. Freedom of press is extremely important for democracy because it is considered because the fourth pillar. However it can’t tend such a freedom that they misuse it in India freedom of press has been treated as a part of freedom of speech and expression , guaranteed under article 19(1)(a).However in article 19(2) reasonable restrictions are often placed because within the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India. Security of state[1] , public order etc. Hence freedom of the press isn’t absolute freedom which today’s media has forgotten, but now a days we’ve seen media shows our defense power and the way much equipment we’ve.

The author feel which isn’t good and other states may cash in of it. No doubt that press has played important role in our country. So consistent with me there’s no need of additional freedom for the press. No. Already they need such a lot freedom and most of the media (around 95%) are only spreading fake and anti-India news and causing lot of trouble and nuisance to the country a day.

Why Freedom of Media is necessary?

  • Media is claimed to be the fourth pillar of democracy so it’s a cornerstone for smooth functioning of a rustic. The free media during a country facilitates: 
  • Dissemination of authentic information on public matters which otherwise is difficult to extract for a standard citizen 
  • Transparency within the functioning of the governing bodies, corporates or the other entity 

Unlimited Media Freedom Impact[2] :

  • There should be some mechanism in situations to contain the widespread of fake news, which can destabilize the socio- political environment of a country.
  • New ideas and important thinking among citizens by stressing 
  • Under the Constitution of India, freedom of the media is a component of the liberty of speech guaranteed by Article 19 (1) (a). However, it doesn’t promote freedom to misinform the general public.


  • This includes speaking out against violence against journalists and authorities’ failure to spot and prosecute attackers, restrictions on media access, blocking of internet sites, and censorship on topics.
  • Stand up publicly for the worth of a press and support civic education which will inform subsequent generation. Press freedom is one among the foremost fundamental pillars of yank democracy, and constitutional protections within the us are stronger than in the other country within the world.
  • Ensure that policy and assistance prioritize support for democratic principles, including media freedom, because the foundation of national security and economic prosperity.
  • The goal of foreign assistance is to bring recipient countries to the purpose that they do not need it. therein sense, it’s shortsighted for donor governments to take a position funding overseas without shoring press freedom[3]. National security and economic prosperity are strongest in nations where democratic rights are protected, and a press may be a key watchdog of democracy. 
  • Countries that have experienced recent expansions in press freedom, like Angola, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and Ecuador, are particularly susceptible to backsliding and need special focus.
  • Support social media as an alternate outlet for free of charge expression in repressive environments. Related technology is often wont to circumvent censorship and keep reporters anonymous where needed.


No, there should be no limits in media freedom because during this times, freedom of speech helps develop personal and life skills for a person. Such people can easily suggest their point can convince people very easily and take good decisions in life. It gives people right to boost their voice against any unfair practices which may happen anywhere and anytime. This uplifts a person’s self-confidence by letting them represent themselves against powerful people and their hurtful practices. With great communication skills and expressive thought process, one individual person can easily influence a mass of individuals, leading them to unite and do something beneficial for the society. All the powerful leaders like Narendra Modi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Gandhi wouldn’t have achieved what they need achieved till now with great speeches and power of expression. Media and journalists play an important role in delivering the horrifying secrets of all the ministers and leaders of the planet. They majorly influence an outsized chunk of the gang making them conscious of the mean society. With limitation, media would need to curb itself from delivering the right and right information to its audience. Limitation on freedom of speech changes the whole point of even granting it as a right since it becomes next to impossible to draw that line between being rude then expressing your opinion. Without free-flowing expression of words, nobody can strongly accept as true with a choice and consider innovative ideas. Even clothing, for instance, may at some point become a serious medium for journalism. Nonetheless, what remains constant is that whether old, new or futuristic, the historical achievement of press freedom is of putting up with importance for all platforms and for all countries. The rights to freedom of expression, information and association aren’t abstract principles; they’re rights that states have an obligation to satisfy.

Article by: Tushar Ranjan, 5th year BA LLB, Amity University, Rajasthan.




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