Balochistan is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It is the largest province in terms of land area forming the southwestern region of the country but is the list populated. Balochistan shares a border with Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northeast, Sindh to the east and southeast, the Arabian sea to the south, Iran to the west, and Afghanistan to the north and northwest.

When we look at this map, we will find that it borders the geopolitical region of the middle east and southwest Asia central Asia and South Asia. Balochistan lies at the mouth of the strait of Hurmuz and provides the shortest route from the seaport to central Asia.
Balochistan is rich in exhaustible and renewable resources. It is the second major supplier of natural gas in Pakistan. Because of its geographical structure, its strategic and non-strategic importance are highly valuable, but people residing here had a long history of violence against the exploitation of human rights by Pakistani administration, because of which the youngster of Balochistan goes for picking up arm in order get their fundamental rights safe by joining groups like BLA (Baloch liberation army). Despite often protest and reports the mainstream global media and the international organization does not take this matter of granted

Reason for the silence of global organization:
in my view, there are two phases based on which we can classify the reason which acts as a shield in case of Balochistan

  1. Relation of Pakistan with western countries: During the insurgence of 1948, 1956, 1963, 1972, 2005 relation of western countries basically with the USA and UK are at the peak and these two countries have much faith in Pakistani administration so they generally took this as an internal matter of Pakistan and the administration would handle it well. And this is the main reason why Baloch voice at the time of insurgency being unheard despite continuous protest at a different level and pleading justice in front of international organization (i.e. UNHRC), but now the circumstances have changed and the Pakistani administration has lost their trust in the eyes of western countries so there was a chance for them so that their voice for justice will be listened and take place in the eye at the global level. In different cases, it can be seen also, as the UN making team to help Baloch during this ongoing pandemic of the corona. But now they had another issue and their impulse will being crushed, which has discussed in the second phase
  2. Relation of Pakistan with China: When Pakistan losses its place in the western block, it needs a powerful strategic partner so that he can ally with him to tackle the upcoming situations. In pursuance of which Pakistan chooses china as an economic as well as strategic ally. And china started his most ambitious project of CPEC (China Pakistan economic corridor) in Pakistan. Here also Baloch has to suffer because this corridor covers most of it and due to this project demo-graphical as well as geographical status could change, the uses their natural resources in an inappropriate manner, and now Baloch are facing Sevier enemy as many reports and activist come up with this issue that they are in a new phase of insurgence where they had to fight against both communist as well as Pakistani administration. As this project is much ambitious for china and being china among five countries which has the veto power in the UN and they try every possible way to shield the issue of Balochistan so that their project did not get affected, and they can continue with it.

Balochistan has a long history of fighting against the administration for their basic rights, often reports come where they discuss thousands of the missing cases of Baloch people and report of massacre and rape, etc., but the global organization did not take regard in the past time which causes the continuous exploitation of human rights. It is quite relaxing that in the past few years the global organization like the UN is taking initiative regarding the issues of Balochistan and realize the pain of Baloch. This type of issue gives voice to the reestablishment of the UN, where the powers are directly or indirectly under the control of certain countries where neither decision can take against their interest. According to me, human rights of each one should be respected irrespective of their demography, geography, minority and the majority in the population, etc. for this the international organization must work free under any influence of powerful nations so that they can assure the protection of the human right to each one irrespective of demography and without being uninfluenced by any other circumstances.


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