COVID-19…the invisible enemy..!!

IntroductionThe 2019 Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19) sparked a worldwide health crisis, with a profound effect on our environment and daily life. The rate of infection and patterns of transmission not only threaten our sense of agency, but also the security measures implemented to contain the spread of the virus also require social separation by not doing what is inherently human,…

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Hate Speech Laws in India

Speech that carries no meaning other than the expression of hatred for some group, such as a particular race, especially in circumstances in which the communication is likely to provoke violence, as defined under Black’s Law dictionary. Every democratic country gives its citizen the right to freedom of speech and expression. The question here is when does this right…

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Laws on Perjury in India

“There is no excuse for perjury. There is truth, and truth demands respect. “ -Kenneth Star In layman’s term, perjury is as offense of lying when you are under oath to speak the truth. Chapter IX “of false evidence and offenses against public justice” of Indian Penal Code, 1860 defines perjury under Section 191. Section 193 defines punishment for…

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Custodial Deaths- Threat to Justice

The very faith of democracy has been badly shaken down due to the frequent happenings of custodial deaths. International pressure on the observance of Human Rights is also mounting rapidly. It has been observed by the Law Commission that the weaker and poor sections suffer the most and are cut loose, and are the worst sufferers of custodial deaths.…

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The Indian Government, with an objective to tackle any threat or distress posted by Covid 19 Pandemic has found public trust under the name of Prime Minister’s citizen assistance and relief in emergency situation funds better referred to as PM cares funds. Additionally, to the PRIME MINISTER NATIONAL RELIEF FUND (PMNRF) and therefore national defense fund, this able to…

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The property rights of Indian women are unequal and unfair while they need come an extended way ahead within the last century. Indian women still get less rights in property in term of quality and quantity. Daughter must tend equal rights as sons. Daughter remains a loving daughter throughout the life. The main scheme of this act is: Females…



Terrorism in India consistent with Global Terrorism Index 2017, the amount of deaths thanks to terrorism in India between 2000 and 2016 is 8238.Terrorism in India has grown to an excellent extent within the last 20 years. The bomb blast and attacks in many cities like Jaipur, Mumbai, Allahabad, Bangalore, etc. These attacks are outraged every patriotic Indians. The…


Child Rights in India

Children are backbone and the most important assets of any society. The future of the country also depends on the nature of children of that particular country. India is very fortunate that it is a home-land for the 20% of children from the entire globe. Around the 35 million of children in India are highly accomplished with in the…

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What are the rights of a pregnant woman in India?

Related to termination of pregnancy – A woman can terminate her pregnancy at the discretion of a medical provider upto 20 weeks of gestation period, under certain conditions – When continuation of pregnancy is a risk to the life of a pregnant woman or could cause grave injury to her physical or mental health.When there is substantial risk that…

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What to do if shopkeeper is asking money of any product more than its MRP?

In India, maximum retail price (MRP) refers to the highest price at which a product can be sold. It comprises of cost of production, transportation, profit and all the taxes that are applicable. It is compulsory to print MRP on the product and no product can be sold above the MRP. Any seller in India is not allowed to…

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Protection Rights of whistleblower in India.
whistleblower employee concept, vector illustration, whistleblower employee concept, vector illustration

Protection Rights of whistleblower in India.

Meaning: In legal terminology, a whistleblower is a person who raises his voice against any illegal act done by another person, or the one who reports an act of corruption. This terminology has been generally emphasized under the WHISTLEBLOWERS PROTECTION ACT,2014. This act enables any person who may be a whistleblower to report an act of corruption or to…

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