What are the rights of an arrested person ?

(a) The arrested person has the right to be informed about the reason of his arrest and allowed to hire a legal practitioner to defend him.

(b) He must be produced in front of nearest magistrate within 24hrs of his arrest.

(c) The police can’t detain the person more than the said period except on the order of magistrate.

(d) The above two clauses are not applied if the arrested is for a time being an enemy alien or the person is destined or arrested under any law providing for preventive detention.

(e) The person must be informed by police that he is entitled to bail except in the condition of non-bailable offence.

(f) In cases where force is required to arrest a person, it should not be more than what justly required.

(g) After and before sunset no women can be arrested except in the circumstances where prior written permission has been taken from local magistrate.

(h) In case of arrest of woman, the police are not allowed to touch her physically unless the police officer is a woman.

(i) The police officer can’t force the accused to produce any evidence against him.

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