How Supreme Court protects good Samaritan’s who help the victims of road accidents?

In response to the PIL filed by Save Life foundation in 2012, SC directed Centre to issue certain guidelines in 2014 which are later approved in 2016 for the protection of good Samaritans –

  • The option of becoming a witness in the matter shall solely rest with the Good Samaritan
  • If a Good Samaritan chooses to be a witness, they will be questioned at a time and place of their convenience
  • Lack of response by a doctor in an emergency pertaining to road accidents shall constitute ‘professional misconduct’
  • The good Samaritan shall not be liable for any civil or criminal liability
  • Any individual who calls the police to inform them of any accidental injury except the eyewitness need not to reveal his / her personal details or register any inform in police record form.
  • The Good Samaritan will be treated with utmost respect without any discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, nationality and caste.

The police will allow the Good Samaritan to leave after having the information available to him or her.

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